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function FindColorSpiral(var X, Y: Integer; const Color, XS, YS, XE, YE: Integer): Boolean;


SCAR Divi 3.00 > Current

  • Before SCAR Divi 3.25, the search would not start in the middle of the search area if X or Y are smaller than 0.
  • Before SCAR Divi 3.33, the search only start in the middle of the search area if X or Y are smaller than 0.


This function searches for a given color specified by Color using a spiral pattern. The search area is given as a set of upper-left (XS, YS) and lower-right (XE, YE) coordinates which are specified relative to the selected client window. If the given search area is invalid (XS > XE or YS > YE), an exception is thrown.

The search will start at the coordinates given by (X, Y), if these coordinates are outside of the bounds of the search area, the function will start searching at the center of the search area.

The function returns false if the color was not found, if it was it returns true and the coordinates of the found color in (X, Y). The search will stop after the first instance of the color was found.


  w, h: Integer;
  x, y: Integer;

  GetClientDimensions(w, h);
  x := -1; y := -1;
  if FindColorSpiral(x, y, 0, 0, 0, w - 1, h - 1) then
    WriteLn('Found color at ' + IntToStr(x) + ', ' + IntToStr(y));

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