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SCAR Divi is a multipurpose macroing application, scriptable in pascal, powered by the Pascal Script engine by RemObjects Software. The language is almost identical to the mainstream specification of the pascal language, though it does show some differences and comes with a lot of OOP features from Embarcadero Delphi, the language in which SCAR Divi is written.


SCAR Divi was originally called SCAR, which was short for "Shite Compared to AutoRune". The application was constructed by a person who was known as Kaitnieks to make it easier to construct color-based macros for RuneScape, a game by Jagex Ltd. The application was distributed at the community In 2006 Kaitnieks decided to close down his community and discontinue the development of SCAR as he wanted to protect his family from legal issues raised by reverse engineering RuneScape.

In December 2006 Kaitnieks handed down the development of SCAR to Freddy1990, who currently still develops and maintains the program. The name was changed to SCAR Divi, as "Divi" means "Two" in Latvian, signifying that there were now 2 developers who had worked on the application.

Up to this day Freddy1990 has been slowly moving SCAR Divi's development to make it a more universal macroing tool, less specific to RuneScape or even games in general.