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Welcome to the online manual for SCAR Divi. This manual attempts to better document the SCAR Divi API and functionality. All information in this manual is only 100% accurate for SCAR Divi 3.25 and above.

Currently the manual is still largely under construction, you can possibly find things that are not yet documented in the old manual.


SCAR Divi can be downloaded on the main site, older versions are still available at Freddy1990.com, these are however considered outdated and support for them is fairly slow and limited.


In the event that you require support for SCAR Divi 3.25+ regarding anything from using the program to creating your own scripts, you can ask questions in the appropriate sections of the forums.


All topics in the manual are available in the topics category. Some of the pages in the manual will contain source code fragments from SCAR's source to clarify how the functions work. These fragments are 100% Delphi code, some of them might not work in SCAR.

Some of the more important topics are:




People ask a lot of questions about SCAR Divi, some of the more frequent ones are also available on this wiki on the FAQ page.

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